Real talk with my guides and Tarot

Working together in now time is incredibly powerful.  There is a beauty to the synchronicity of an unfolding reading. 

Having a reading in the now time over Zoom or the telephone let us interact and really pull apart what going on.  So often the questions we ask are just a glimpse of what our heart is really saying. That real time talk often reveals deeper issues. The guides with Tarot and exploration create an energetic exploration of issues.

Now time reading April the energy Oracle

What happens in a real time reading?

We book a phone or a zoom reading via the online booking system.

Once we make contact I have the ability to chat with you about your question. As we discuss what is going on with you energetically I am able to pull as many cards from as many Tarot and oracle decks as I need to. I love how things unfold and reveal themselves as we interact and bounce energy.

You receive  a follow-up email within the week with any thoughts that I feel need to be touched on again along with anything new that my guides illuminate for you. If you get a phone reading then your email will include a picture of your cards.

30 minute PHONE reading with follow-up email 


30 minute ZOOM reading with follow-up email