The Wheel of Fortune in a Relationship Reading

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What does the Wheel of Fortune mean

The Wheel of Fortune in a relationship reading is a powerful reminder of the natural propensity of all energies in life to ebb and flow.

The Four Stages of Relationship Dynamic on the Wheel of Fortune

Read the Wheel of Fortune in Relationship Reading

The Top

The Wheel as depicted in the Tarot here to the left shows a couple at the top partying and having a great time while they sit at the top of the Wheel of Fortune. Of course life looks good when we have some height in which to survey life.  At this point on the wheel there is a feeling of expansiveness and of course, a convivial exchange. 

Going Down

When the Wheel of fortune begins to spin you down from such heights, the momentum can be a bit dizzying. (see figure at left) But all relationships can feel a bit out of control at times as we race towards the unknown, right?  The energy in the relationship at this point may be filled with growing tensions as the closeness begins to illuminate some previously unseen areas of yourself.

Under The Wheel

Once the Tarot energy takes you to the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune you can find yourself feeling pressed by the force of the downward momentum. It is here where you sit face to face with what it means to be at the top of the wheel.  This is a great place to take a good hard look at the mirror reflection of self (see Tarot Wheel of Fortune at right). This is the place that you can do the deep work of recognizing what in your partner is triggering or illuminating areas for healing.

Going up?

Once you begin to head up from the bottom there is a sense of release.  “Whew, glad that is over!” There is usually a bit of disorientation, and at first you can wonder why you decided to have this relationship in the first place. But as the momentum builds and you begin the ascent to the top. As a result, hope is reborn.  This is the place you integrate what you learned thus far on The Wheel of Fortune. Don’t skip this time to really be honest about the transformation that is taking place in you.

Interpret The Tarot Wheel of Fortune
The Four seasons expressed in the Wheel of Fortune

Making sense of The wheel of Fortune in Relationships

If you have drawn the Wheel of Fortune in a Relationship reading you are being called to recognize that relationships bring the evolution of your soul into focus. There are seasons to all things.  As the Tarot card to the left depicts, the wheel goes round methodically bringing you the right lessons at the right time! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, crushed, hopeful, happy…. honest.

You can’t always be on the top of the Wheel of Fortune in a relationship! You would never have a chance to clear Karma, grow, reap or compost spiritually. Accepting the rhythm of a relationship and embracing energetic cycles bring you to a place of grounding. 

Remember, the purpose of relationships is to provide people who lend their energy in an intimate way, That energy goes deeply, penetrating to your core for the purpose of letting you get to know who your ascended self is!

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