The Joy Disciplines: 3 of Cups

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3 of cups Tarot

3 of Cups illuminates joy as a discipline on your ascension path

Recently our daughter called after her first semester in law school to state she had gotten two A’s….but was waiting on the rest of her grades and was quite anxious. Frankly, I was shocked. What kind of attitude was that?!

Friends, celebrate more.

The Three of Cups is a great light-hearted celebration Tarot card.  Give yourself a moment to look at this Tarot card and reflect.  Not a care in the world, just a hardy, “CHEERS!”

Celebration is one of the best joy disciplines out there! Often we think of celebrating the big things in life like new babies, home purchases and a great report card. But what about the smaller things? Like the first 2 As, making it to your appointment on time or… waking up?

Celebrate is defined: To acknowledge (a significant happy day or event) with a social gathering of enjoyable activity.

Did you catch the word enjoyable? En-JOY-able. ABLE to enjoy. IN joy.

See the thing is that joy is linked to the life-giver Gratitude. When we are grateful we are happy. This world needs a lot more happy in it.  The best part is that celebration can be a discipline that gets easier.  It’s like a game you play with yourself where you slow down enough notice all the little goodies in your day.

As you celebrate you raise your vibration.  Your raised vibration has a ripple effect in your house, your city and the world. 

Let’s look back at this Tarot card for some symbols to pull on…

3 of cups Tarot

Three folks appear are at the table (some decks they are standing) having a great time.  Their cups are raised in celebration as they appear to be toasting. There is bread on the table, a symbol of the grain goddess and abundance.  Next to the bread we have a plate of apples.  

Apples are a storage crop that provided for people in ancient times through the less fruitful times of the year. The Apple when cut in half shows the five pointed star which is the symbol of Spirit over the element- a balanced life. 

There is no sign of what these men might be celebrating, and that leaves it open for interpretation.  Each man in this Tarot card is dressed in a different color representing their different clans. Celebration brings people of all walks of life together.


Ways to celebrate:

  • Exclamation with feeling: “Yeah!” “Woohoo!” Who doesn’t love a joyful noise?
  • Happy dance: Don’t worry how you look. If someone sees you chances are they will smile and just like that you raised their vibration too!
  • Share your happy with someone: Call a friend, a family member or the person on the bus next to you. Sharing builds connection and who knows, you could even be the bright spark someone needed that day.
  • Toast: Yes, toast. Toasts are underused. Make them silly for extra fun or quick to reaffirm your joy with others or even yourself. Non-alcoholic is just as fun. (I men in the 3 of Cups have this down pat)
  • Ceremony or ritual: Go deep into your joy by commemorating your achievement with a ritual or ceremony. It could be as simple as lighting a candle that evening, taking a bath or bigger, like a party.
  • Take a photo: Photos are another form of commemoration and you can look at them over and over grooving that happy spot in your brain.
  • Write it down: You can put down your little achievements—even for a week—and see just how awesome you are by looking them over.
  • Sing: Sing out loud. Sing out strong… Yes, sing a little ditty. You can make one up, pull out a line from a favorite happy song or even head out for Karaoke; this actually hits the ceremony and share buttons as well, because who karaokes alone?
  • Scribble a doodle in your journal to remind of your moment. Looking back on these moments can lift you when you need it in the future.

This is not a definitive list. And by now you may be thinking I’m crazy, but I challenge you to try it for a week. Get happier by celebrating the little things in your life. It may feel a little contrived or awkward at first, but you will grow in your capacity for joy and fun.  If you take my challenge be sure to share here with everyone how your experiment went.  We will all be better for it!


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