The Easiest way to Read Tarot Reversals

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Learn to read Tarot reversals quickly

The easiest way to read Tarot reversals is the Significance Method. 

When you first start reading the Tarot you may be very overwhelmed with getting to know all 78 cards, let alone what they mean upside down. If you are newer to Tarot the significance method is the easiest way to get your feet wet with the Tarot and learn the cards quickly. Here’s how it works:

When a card shows up as a reversal in your spread, simply read it as the YOUniverse saying, “Pay attention here!” The Significance Method simply involves giving that card more weight in the spread.  This is like a special message that this card bears a message of great importance.

Reading Tarot Reversals The Fool
The easiest way to read Tarot reversals

You may ask how this helps you to learn the Tarot?

Well, we tend to remember messages of great importance when we get them.

If you use the Significance Method when reading Tarot, chances are you will look for that meaning in your life and remember the cards meaning when you draw it again.

The Significance Method makes your readings more dynamic.  These cards and their messages stand out to you in your spreads.

What is important with any method is to decide which method you will use BEFORE you lay the cards out.  Deciding before makes the meanings clear. This is especially important because it keeps you from twisting meanings to your liking or because the person in front of you is sending visual cues.

You Can Read Reversals

Learning to trust the cards is important.

The Tarot is not just a deck of pictures.  The Tarot is an established system which millions have put their consciousness into for hundreds of years! The more you can lean into its magic, the more you will get out of it.

I suggest starting with the Significance Method for reading reversals and work your way up through the other four methods of reading Tarot reversals.

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