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Reading Tarot Reversals The Fool

Reading Tarot reversals with the internal method…

If you have already tried the previous 2 methods for reading Tarot reversals ( The Significance Method and the Warning Method) then you are definitely ready for the Internal Method. While this method is a little more advanced it ads real depth to your readings and help to develop your inner and outer world.

To apply the Internal Method to reading Tarot Reversals you simply read the reversed card as a lesson or energy that is transforming your life on an internal level. That is, the energy of the card is affecting your way of thinking or beliefs.

For instance,

The High Priestess would be viewed as your intuition coming online. These energies would transform your inner thoughts and beliefs.

Conversely, all upright cards are read as energies that are transforming you exterior world.  That is to say your material existence. 

For instance

The High Priestess upright would signify the intuitive mind being realized in the external/physical world.  These energies would look like the recognition of synchronicities leading you in your daily life like breadcrumbs to a material outcome.

The High Priestess meaning

I have really enjoyed this method because it really directed my thoughts to internal or external work in my life.  Again, it ads a dynamism to your readings. Reading reversals really opens up a new level of understanding to the Tarot. Learning to read reversals as you learn to read Tarot is not as hard as you might think.

The Internal Method is an intermediate way to start with reversals and takes a bit of familiarity with the cards. I suggest beginning with the Significance Method or the Warning Method if you are completely new to Tarot, but this certainly isn’t too overwhelming.

What is important with any method…

….is to decide which method you will use BEFORE you lay the cards out.  Deciding before makes the meanings clear. This is especially important because it keeps you from twisting meanings to your liking or because the person in front of you is sending visual cues.

Keep reading your cards daily to get more and more familiar.  Before you know it you will have an established relationship with all of the cards and the wisdom they offer!


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