Tarot Reversals : The Warning Method

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Learn to read Tarot Reversa;s

Tarot Reversals : The Warning Method

If you have already learned the Significance Method and are ready to move to a different take on reversals you may wish to try the Warning Method.

The Waning Method is simple enough. You simply read the Tarot reversals in your spread as warnings. That is to say, you can read the reversal as though you need to be careful with the energy of the card –a warning.  

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The meaning of the Magician Upright Tarot

For instance

If The Magician shows up reversed you may want to be careful not to be overzealous with that energy in that area. Take a step back and use caution when approaching yourself in this area.

Example of the Warning Method:

The Magician reversed in the future position in your spread it would mean that you need to be careful not to get carried away with the newness and sense of promise. You should exercise caution in overindulging in the energy of creativity and feeling of empowerment.  Just be warned that you may be rushing in too quickly.

This kind of thinking about the Tarot cards primes you for other methods such as the Shadow Method and the Pictorial Method of reading Tarot reversals and sharpens you familiarity with the cards.

What is important with any method…

….is to decide which method you will use BEFORE you lay the cards out.  Deciding before makes the meanings clear. This is especially important because it keeps you from twisting meanings to your liking or because the person in front of you is sending visual cues.

As I have stated in other articles on reading reversals in Tarot, you must develop a relationship with the cards.  Learning to approach them from a specific angle and allowing them to speak to you builds confidence and trust.

I suggest at least trying this method out for a bit before using the other methods for reading reversals.

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