Synergy Brings the Ascension Energy with the Lovers and the Devil

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Tarot Lover Meaning ascension

Welcome to the deliciousness of synergy!   The richness of the Lovers card in the Tarot and the invitation of the Devil card to freedom await…

Synergy is defined as:

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

This month we engage with the discipline of synergy. This is displayed energetically in many ways, but let’s focus on being + knowing.

I’m talking about the kind of knowing that you don’t get from books.  This kind of knowing we learned about in March when we explored the energies of High Priestess in the Tarot on our ascension path. It’s the knowing we get when we close our eyes and feel our way into the cosmos inside of us with trust. You don’t get that kind of knowing from a book or your head, because it comes from your heart which is the infinite gateway to many lifetimes, many worlds and many beings.

The embodiment of knowing is being.  This kind of being is present tense; present in the now because when we remain in the now we are not casting judgment.  Judgment is based on old stories that keep us projecting the past into our future, keeping us in an endless loop. The Hierophant of the Tarot, who we explored in April, stays present in order to manifest all the trust he has in what is contained in the now—everything! And he is the container—a visual representation of these mysteries, made known (and that’s you! The Hierophant!)

Tarot Ascension High Priestess Hierophant
Tarot Lover Meaning ascension

So let me take this down a notch for anybody whose mind is cracking.

We have moved into a time where we have explored our inner world and discovered we are infinite and, of course, that exploration continues. We ascertain, at least with our minds that we have a higher purpose that is based on the discovery of our infinite state. That higher purpose is the call to being awakened and our desire to BE/embody that.

Now you put those two revelations together (that’s synergy) and we burst into the Lovers of the Tarot.


The Lovers of the Tarot (I’ll have the video up on YouTube in a few days) is the passionate embrace of surrender into the ascension mystery. The Lovers represent union through the mystery of choice.

Ok, you’ve done the work.  It has been rough with all the interior house cleaning you have been doing, but now you get to learn two things at once.  The lesson of the Lovers and the lessons of the Devil at the same time.

The Devil in the Tarot is an invitation to deep honesty through understanding consequence in choice. To face ourselves in the ways we have fallen asleep in old patterns and choose to cast off that which no longer serves (video to come on YouTube).


Devil Tarot Meaning Ascension

So this month while you create through sacred union and choice you lay down the chains (old codes) that cannot exist in the same space as the fabulous reality you are creating on your ascension path!

This is just a synopsis of the breakdown I’ll be posting on IG and YouTube about this fascinating space we are invited into on our ascension path right now. 

Relax and don’t try to hold things.  Allow the energies to wash through you.  Understand that the wave you find yourself on is but a tiny snapshot of the ocean that you truly are!

Patterns, people, objects are going to fall away.  Embrace this impermanence in order to really be present with what your Higher Self is doing. As things fall away there will be many opportunism presenting at the same time.

Trust that you have been prepared for this time and choose to see it as exhilarating. The more you let go and lean into trust the more exciting these energetic upgrades will appear.

Tactics for thriving this month

Laugh and cry. Move energy out of your body through movement and creative projects. Breathe in mindfulness through intense emotions.

Ritual Suggestions

As things come up that you are letting go of, write them down and then burn them as the sun rises or in the deep night under the moon. These energies are powerful and give the body permission for either greeting the new or releasing the old into the abyss.

Journal Prompt

Write down a detailed description of what it feeeeels like to be without lack.

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