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Mercury Retrograde UPgrade INsight Tarot Reading

Mercury goes retrograde a few times a year.  It is during these times that you have an incredible opportunity to UPgrade your life.

The Mercury Retrograde reading offers you the insight you need to weather the often rocky days of this 21 day transit.  

Order before, during or after to help you make the most of the winged god Mercury and the important messages he brings you!

Get the INsight you need here!

Soul Energetics Tarot Illumination  Reading

Get clarity on where your soul energetics are with this Tarot reading addressing 5 key areas; Love, money, health, work and spirit. 

Allow the Tarot to clarify where you are right now in your spiritual growth process and give guidance.

The beauty of this reading is the overview of your major life areas that you need to address in order to create a happy life that flows with peace and abundance.

Get your reading today and get the clarity you desire! Order Here!

 Sacred  Relationship Tarot: Love in Energetics

Whether you are looking for clarity on a romantic relationship, a family relationship, relationship to Higher self or ANY relationship out there this Tarot reading will bring you clarity and direction. 

Look at your relationship in a fresh way with this

5 card Tarot reading and guided meditation…

New Moon Super Power Reading

Looking for clarity on how best to focus your energies this month in order to manifest with power and laser focused intention? The 3 Card Super Power Reading gives you your current Super Power, what needs to be surrendered and a Soul Meditation card to stretch your mind into your personal power!

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New Moon Tarot Reading

 Let’s work together in now time…

My favorite thing to do is work together in the now;  you and I on the phone or Zoom pulling apart the questions you have while we talk and I use multiple decks to really get to the heart of what’s going on. 

These readings are powerful and fun….

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Call me to book a private in-person Tarot reading . I can come to you in your home if you are in the Eugene or Springfield area or come to my Spirit room for personal support.

Times a dates are flexible.  Call me today to discuss your reading 541-915-8234

Hire me to read Tarot at your next party or event…

Are you looking for something special at your next party, gathering or corporate event? Is your wedding the most exciting event of the year? You can add me to your party fun by hiring me to read Tarot at your next big event! 

Whatever the event, you can make a fun splash with Tarot reading as a

part of the fun…

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