Raise Your Vibration

I’ve got the perfect match for you…

Have you ever been in love?  I mean like the kind of “I’m CRAZY for you!” kind of love?

If you have, you remember that feeling of swoony deliciousness that completely overwhelms you when the two of you are together.  Like swimming in sweet, warm honey with not a care in the world.

The crazy thing about that kind of love is that not only do you love the other person, but you are freed to love yourself.  It is as though you have finally found the place where you are safe and seen. Most of all, you don’t see anything but wonderful in the person you are swooning with.

Why not fall in love with yourself? Dive into compassion for yourself, go deep and surface for a breath of fresh pure LOVE. Wouldn’t that be delicious?

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Mountain Top Moments quote

Raise you vibration by hitting the bottom…

We all love growth when we are feeling strong and happy.  Everything feels at ease when we have an expansive view of our personal landscape.  Those are mountaintop moments.

Real growth doesn’t really happen there.  Real growth takes place in the trenches of our hearts.  Real growth is bumpy; it tosses us around and shakes things up and off of us.

When we hit rock bottom we know our essence.  All the illusion melts away and we are faced with who we really are.  THAT is the place of where real growth takes place!

When you find yourself stripped, laid bare and exposed, THEN get ready to really grow.  The kind of growth that takes place from this vantage point is the kind of growth that sticks.  It’s the kind of growth that is unconditional.  This is growth that is strong and formative!

Want to know the greatest thing about being you?

The greatest thing about being you is that everything that you need to navigate this world is within you–right now.  You may feel at times like you need more than you are, but nothing could be farther from the truth! You are the infinite YOUniverse expressing itself within the landscape of your soul.  Wherever you find yourself, you have only to stop, breathe deeply, go within and shine forth your light to overcome and thrive.

YOU are designing this life.

YOU are ready.

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Encouragement quotes for ascension

For those who need a little encouragement…

As we live here on this planet  there are some things we can count on.

The time comes in and the tide goes out…

When the tide comes in we have the sense of an immense sea before us with a great unknown beneath. In life there are times when our emotional tide is high.  We may wonder what is really going on underneath all of those feelings?  We may enjoy the immensity of our power covering the landscape of self.

When the tide goes out we discover what was hidden.  At the height of low tide you can walk way out into the places previously concealed by emotional waters. But there is a trade off: what is revealed is not always pleasant. 

There may be garbage that needs to be removed.  There may be strange and wondrous creatures you never knew were there that baffle the mind and delight.

The joy of the tide going out is the same as the joy of  the tide coming in.

Each has it’s place.  Each is a time of getting to know yourself.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick up all that garbage at once! And sometimes the sea carries things away that need to be handled on the someone else’s shores. And sometimes, there’s treasure.

Listen to The Wheel of Fortune

Whatever you are facing right now, Bright Light, will surely pass.  As The Wheel of Fortune, I teach you the lesson of letting go and moving on by expecting change. Today, if you need it, let yourself know in your depths that no matter what, change is coming.

Believe in the power of what you are learning right now to catapult you you into change!

The Wheel Lessons
Don't be afraid of your wounds

Bright Light

Do not fear the pain of your wounds!  They are the sign posts for your net energy upgrade.  Healing comes when we expose our shadow and embrace the light.

Allow yourself to feel all that you are becoming.  The wound is your friend.

Open your heart to healing!

Bright Light,

This day invites you to lighten up.  Raise your vibration by playing with the Youniverse.

Look for all the signs and wonders you are presented with throughout your day.  Ask your guides for playful winks in the form of coincidences. The more you engage in a playful nature the more present you become and the NOW begins to open up to you with all the infinite, wonderful possibilities.  Lighten up!

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A Love Note Encouragement

Hello Beautiful!

Yes, I’m talking to you. With life as energetically high and low as it can get at times I want you to know how beautiful you look.

Maybe you have been thinking about all the hard work ahead?  Maybe you have been recognizing old energy patterns you thought you had ditched? Maybe you seem more touchy or tired lately? Maybe all of the above?

It’s because you are doing brilliantly! You have moved up a level and this new energy you are experiencing is your high vibe self. Give yourself a hug (really mean stop and hug yourself).  It hasn’t always been easy getting to this point, but you stuck it out.  You committed to your ascension path and it’s going famously.

So maybe you aren’t feeling so high vibe while all this icky is passing away, but just know it’s not forever. 

Not only are you loved while you are IN process you are FULLY LOVED JUST AS YOU ARE.  There is nothing you can do to separate yourself from the glue that is Love.  It holds us all together and I’m here to love you through this.  If you need an extra love mail then just send me an email and we can talk.

Growth in Waiting
Love is risk shine
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