Vibrational Power-Pack Tarot Reading with Gift Package!


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I love playing with you. This vibrational powerpack uses Tarot and oracle cards to illuminate how you can raise your energy. this is a 10++ card reading that comes with a package delivered to your doorstep. I put together a powerpack of goodies for you to engage with the energy you are trying to cultivate in your life. These are tailored to you and what the cards say. It’s super fun and practical, filled with affirmations, magical items or herbs or crystals…or? The idea is play! Play with the energy to lighten up and RAISE YOUR VIBE!
You purchase this at the END of the month to receive the following month. Your reading comes first and your package a few weeks later. The idea is that the reading continues to unfold and you have time to work with the energy over an extended period of time.


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