Twin Flame Synergy Tarot Reading

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Find out how your relationship is growing with a twin flame synergy Tarot reading. Understand where each of you are, what you’re learning and how you are growing together. Deepen your connection to your other half.

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What’s in my Twin Flame Synergy Tarot reading?

Card 1- You Now

Card 2: Your Twin Flame Now

Card 3: Your Ascension

Card 4: Ascension (Twin Flame)

Card 5: Integration card

Card 6: Super Power Card

Card 7: Super Power Card (Twin                Flame)

Card 8: Surrender Card

Card 9: Soul Meditation

Your reading comes to you as a downloadable audio recording with pictures of your reading,

Your Twin Flame Synergy Tarot Reading is designed to support you on your journey to the highest sacred union.

There are 9 cards in the Twin Flame Synergy Tarot Reading to give you a clear view of where each of you is and what you are working on.  Whether you have found one another or you are drawing your twin flame into your physical existence, this overview illuminates your connection.

Each twin flame synergy Tarot reading comes to you via email (1 week after we firm up your goal).  You receive a picture of your cards and a link to your audio reading (download and listen to over and over) explaining your cards in depth. 

Card 1: Where are you now?

This lets you decipher where you are right now on this path.  Get a birds’ eye view of your current energy. Your now is the energy you are currently embodying.

Card 2: Where is your Twin Flame now?

This relates to where your beloved is in their process right now.  What energy are they inhabiting?

Card 3: What are you learning right now?

This highlights the energy that is teaching you right now.  Get a view of how your Higher Self is overshadowing you to bring your vibration up. 

Card 4: What is your Twin Flame learning now?

Isn’t it nice to know what is effecting your twin flame?  This can bring compassion and understanding to your relationship and create fresh energy between you.

Card 5: What energy integrates the two of you.

While you are both working on raising your vibration separately, there is an energetic undercurrent that is flowing between you.  This undercurrent is what binds you  in your current lessons.

Card 6: What is your super power right now? 

During this time of transformation and integration knowing what energy is your super power makes your path a conscious adventure!   This card ignites you to maximize your current ascension by understanding the power you have to wield right now.

Card 7: What is my beloveds super power?

Know what your twin flame’s current energetic strength is.

Card 8: What do you need to surrender?

When you open your hand, the YOUniverse fills it.  Letting go creates space and reduces resistance in your life. Find out what you need to surrender during this time to create greater flow with you twin flame.

Card 9: Soul Meditation

This card allows you to work with your subconscious mind.  I give you a set of instructions for using this powerful tool and freeing up what is lying beneath.  You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself when using this card

4 reviews for Twin Flame Synergy Tarot Reading

  1. Eve-Marie

    It is my infinite pleasure here to immortalize my true praise for April’s most connected, complete and comprehensive Twin Flame « cosmic snapshot » Reading for me!
    Wow. I am wowed.
    All the cards’ sweet messages were so spot on and have allowed me to focus positively on my Twin Flame Union project…
    April’s open heart lets her magic flow effortlessly…
    She is a beautiful bridge to better understanding the spiritual intricacies of Twin Flame encounters/unions…

    I wish you all a most beautiful journey of ascension!

    Love and Light.

    Eve-Marie ✨❤️✨

  2. Sevina (verified owner)

    You’re incredibly insightful reading resonated with me on so many levels. My specific questions regarding “Twin Flames were addressed articulately and with exceptional knowledge in addition your reading was inspirational and validated the perceptions I had been manifesting. In a word ….. “AMAZING”

  3. Sevina (verified owner)

    You’re incredibly insightful reading resonated with me on so many levels. My specific questions regarding “Twin Flames”, were addressed articulately and with exceptional knowledge in addition, your reading was inspirational and validated the perceptions I had been manifesting. In a word…”AMAZING’”

    Much Love
    Sevina ♥️🙏

  4. Asia (verified owner)

    my favorite aspect of April as a tarot reader is that she doesn’t tell you what to do, she tells you how to focus your energy. My twin flame synergy reading was insightful and resonated on every level possible. It’s like she can take all the different thoughts and feelings swirling around inside me and guide me to the best possible way of streamlining them and seeing what they mean to me. My reading was intuitive and loving and I always walk away feeling like i just spoke to the guardian angels themselves.

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