Soul Energetics Tarot Illumination


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7 cards

  • Where you are right now
  • Love card
  • Money card
  • Health card
  • Work card
  • Spirit card
  • Surrender card
  • BONUS! Soul Meditation card

Soul Energetics Tarot Illumination

Your Soul Energetics Tarot Illumination will open your mind to the beauty of your journey and allow your authentic truth to shine! These 7 cards to bring clarity to your life. Let my guides and the cards illuminate where you are in yur personal development right now

Each Soul Energetics Illumination comes to you via email (1 week after we firm up your goal).  You receive a picture of your cards and a link to your audio reading (download and listen to over and over) explaining your cards in depth. 

Card 1

Where you are right now:  this Tarot card illuminates your energy right now.

Card 2

Love: this Tarot card tells you about the energy that you are working with right now in the realm of love. Nothing like a little clarity when it comes to romantic relationship!

Card 3

Money: Finances are illuminated with this Tarot card.  Get illuminated as to where you are in the realm of financial abundance.

Card 4

Health:  At the base of the reading is your Tarot card on health.  Without health what do we really have? Ge insight on the energy surrounding your health right now.

Card 5

Work: We all work in some way. Having a tarot read on the energetics of your work can help refocus you and regenerate you in the realm of work!

Card 6

Spirit: You are a spirit being beyond all.  The Tarot here illuminates what energetic lessons you are heading through right now in the spirit real.  

Card 7

Surrender Card: Your surrender card highlights the energetics of what needs to be let go of in your life.  So often we remain stuck because we are holding on to what is keeping our energy stagnate.  I love this card because it brings the reading together!

Bonus Card!

Soul Meditation Card: This cards illumination comes from your subconscious. When you embrace this card over a few weeks the wealth of clarity you get from it is amazing.  It morphs over time as you grow and speak directly to you through you intuition.


Your Soul Energetics Tarot Illumination goes deep and the messages are beautifully revealing. Clarity is found in the asking!


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