Relationships Energetic Tarot Reading

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Relationships are a powerful force for personal growth and happiness.

Each relationship energetic Tarot reading comes to you via email (1 week after we firm up your goal).  You receive a picture of your cards and a link to your audio reading (download and listen to over and over) explaining your cards in depth. 
This month, why not get a reading regarding one of these 3 types of relationship?

Romantic Love Relationship Reading

Whether you are embarking on a new relationship adventure or have been in one for some time, an energetic reading about where you are in your relationship brings clarity, comfort and direction. 

My romantic reading pulls a Tarot card for each of you, giving you a sense of where your energetic development and state of mind is at. Your next card is your bridge energy; what energy brings you closer together? Lastly, your final Tarot card shines light on how you can embrace yourself more right now in order to foster deeper security and offer that in your relationship.

You receive two bonus cards: a prayer card and a soul card to ponder. 

This Tarot reading brings clarity to the underlying energy in your relationship right now as it stands and helps direct you in moving forward in a strong, loving and empowered way!

Preparing for your Twin Flame or Soul Mate

If you are on the road to preparing for your Soul Mate or Twin flame, then you know this is a complex road!

Your first Tarot card is where you are at right now energetically in your process of preparation.  The next t card is the energy that you are moving towards on you path to this incredibly powerful connection.  A bridge energy card shows you the energy that you need to harness to get from where you are now, to where you are energetically going. Another card shines light on how you can embrace yourself more right now in order to foster deeper security and offer that in relationship to your Twin Flame/ Soul Mate journey.

You receive two bonus cards: a prayer card and a soul card to ponder. 

This Tarot reading is perfect for those who are ready to really dig in on their path to finding a Soul Mate or Twin Flame, doing the work of clearing energy and raising your vibration.

Self Evolution Reading

Looking to get deep with yourself?

Your first Tarot card tells you where you currently are right now on your ascension path. Your second card reveals the energetic lesson you are moving towards. Your bridge card brings clarity as to what energetic steps you must take to shed old patterns of self in order to embrace where you are headed. You will receive a super power card from the oracle deck I think most appropriate for your unique Tarot reading. This card is you most potent energetic strength you can employ to move farther, faster!

You receive two bonus cards: a prayer card and a soul card to ponder. 

This reading is great for those of you who need clarity and encouragement on your path to sort through what is going on within. Your reading shows you yourself and what the YOUniverse is gifting you right now. 

I look forward to sending you your message from the YOUniverse. Get 5D… Raise your vibration… Relationship Energetic Tarot Readingaudio

5 reviews for Relationships Energetic Tarot Reading

  1. Denise

    Thank you April! Your reading was on point!

  2. Brenda

    The reading I received from April on relationships profoundly resonated. She confirmed many things and provided insight as to how I should proceed to reach my goals. It was an all encompassing reading that left me feeling inspired and prepared with valuable information. April is a highly compassionate and supremely connected being. If you have the opportunity to have her provide you with a reading you will be better for it. I highly recommend her!

  3. Paige (verified owner)

    April did a reading for me during a majorly transformative time in my life and hit it spot on throughout the whole reading. I was literally feeling so conflicted with all of the changes going on in my relationships as a whole and this reading put all my anxieties to rest and helped me confidently make decisions and set boundaries where needed. I would highly highly recommend April to anyone she is extremely on point in her readings and you can feel the positive energy!

  4. Asia

    April’s reading was highly intuitive, insightful, and encouraging. She helped me focus my energy in the right direction, and helped affirm my own strength as a novice tarot reader. April is so sweet, intelligent, non-judgmental, and loving! It is extremely apparent that she’s tuned in to a higher vibration- and also is very professional. I’d highly recommend a reading from April!

  5. Eve

    I am WOWed yet again by April’s connected vibe! This reading was PERFECT to clarify some intense ongoings in my pursuit of a most meaningful love relationship… If you are serious about your spritual growth and ascension, April, our sweet Energy Oracle is The One to turn to for real ”here and now” guidance. An amazing reading yet again! Love and Light to you all!

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