Personal Integration Soul Reading


Your Personal Integration Soul Reading is a tarot reading delivered to you within 7 days of purchase. It includes 5 cards, an audio recording of your reading, a picture of your cards and a BONUS MP3 of the Grounded in Gaia Meditation to listen to anywhere.

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  •  1 Tarot card for what you’re integrating right now
  • 1 Surrender card for what you are letting go of
  • Super Power card for integration strategies
  • A prayer card for 
  • A Soul Meditation card
  • An audio recording of your interpretation to download and keep
  • A picture of your cards
  • BONUS! A copy of the Grounded in Gaia meditation to download

Personal Integration Soul Reading

With the 11:11 portal here, the month of November is all about integration. You have learned so much about yourself over the last few months, how about some insight on how to integrate all of your lessons for a life that feels cohesive?!

If you need guidance on how to integrate all the messages and energy upgrades you have experienced over the last few months, this is the reading for you.

Integration Card : Card 1 is for understanding what you are currently integrating in your life. Get clear on what to focus on and remove confusion.

Surrender Card : Card 2 brings clarity as to what you need to let go of.  Often times you are holding on to something in a desperate attempt to control a situation that feels too big for you. Your surrender card gives clarity on the area of surrender that brings you freedom.

Super Power Card : Card 3 is the place you shine right now.  Grab hold of your super power and start concentrating that power like a laser in you life. 

Prayer Card : Your prayer card gives you a prayer to send to your soul.  A simple little prayer that injects to power of spoken affirmation in your life.

Soul Meditation Card : Your Soul Mediation card is a card without words.  It is for you to meditate on.  Your subconscious speaks to you revealing how your energy is changing over the month.  Return to it again and again.

Audio Recording of your cards interpretations: This is for you to download and keep.  This is your personal message of hope and guidance from my guides and the cards. Be encouraged and listen to several times in order to hear new revelations.  

A Picture of Your Cards: Look at your cards while listening to your reading and return to them over and over again. Often the cards continue to unfold over time as your guides speak and your soul grows.

BONUS! An MP3 download of the Grounded in Gaia Meditation for you to listen to whenever you need it.  This is a great meditation to do regular until you groove your soul in the heart of Gaia.  Once there you can pull on this magical place at any time and find yourself grounded in Gaia


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