New Moon Super Power Reading


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What’s in your New Moon Super Power Reading?

  • Tarot Super Power Card
  • Surrender Card
  • Emergence Card
  • BONUS: Soul Meditation Card
  • Personal Audio Interpretation
  • Picture of Each Card

This  New Moon  Super Power Reading gives you three hand picked cards from 3 individual decks and  a detailed recorded explanation.

Push Your mind out with this Tarot card reading coupled with 2 unique  and powerful oracle decks.

Card 1: How are you emerging strong during this time?  Be encouraged as to how your spirit team is helping you to come into your highest self. This is how you are learning to shine. This can relate to a project you are working on or even launching.

Card 2: What do you need to surrender during the new moon?  Knowing how to release helps you open your hand to the YOUniverse. This message helps you become lighter and freer.

Card 3: What’s your super power to draw on right now during the next 4 weeks?  This is the energy you can depend on right now as you birth a new cycle and a new now.

BONUS: A soul Meditation card helps you work all month with you subconscious.

This personal reading details your super power energy to pull on during the new moon cycle to maximize your creative potential.

New Moon is the best time to set intentions to focus your energies for the month! Maximize with this reading to help you utilize your current SUPER POWER!.

This personalized Tarot reading is delivered to you 3 days after purchase. You receive a photo of your three cards and a downloadable audio message detailing the meaning of your three cards.

Please let me know when ordering if you would like a traditional tarot deck, a whimsical Tarot deck or an esoteric Tarot deck used for your reading.  Just leave it in the notes section of your order.

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