Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading


A Tarot reading done from the perspective of your Sun sign with an encouragement from your Spirit Team and 2 bonuses. Mercury Retrograde just got easier!

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What’s in my Mercury Retrograde Tarot reading?

  1. What do you bring into this Mercury Retrograde?
  2. What is Mercury speaking to you about? (in relationship to your astrological sun sign)
  3. Your Spirit Guides’ encouragement
  4. What do you surrender to embraced this process?
  5. Your Soul Meditation Card

BONUS 1: Guided meditation

BONUS 2: Journaling worksheet

Your reading comes to you as a downloadable audio recording with pictures of your reading,

Your Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading

In your Mercury retrograde Tarot reading you will be encouraged that you are just where you need to be in your spiritual growth process. The guidance you receive from this reading comes from your Spirit Team, the wisdom of thee Tarot and my guides as well. This reading provides practical tips for engaging with your path as well as an energetic overview of your growth process for clarity and encouragement.

This is a precious time in which to receive your much needed guidance from the planet closest to the Sun, Mercury!

Each Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading comes to you via email (1 week after we firm up your goal).  You receive a picture of your cards and a link to your audio reading (download and listen to over and over) explaining your cards in depth. 

Your Tarot reading includes…

The first card let’s you know what energetically you are bringing into this Mercury Retrograde upgrade.  This is an energetic overview that talks about where you are right now as you approach this powerful time.

Your second card is all about what Mercury is teaching you in relationship to the your astrological sun sign..  Knowing the area of your life he is busy upgrading is empowering and allows you to flow with your spiritual growth in a more confident way.

Your third card is a message from your Spirit guides. Let yourself be encouraged by your higher self! This is a channeled message for you of love that will uplift and direct you on your path. Your spirit guides know what you need to hear right now to get the most out of your Mercury messages.

Your fourth card is the area that you need to surrender in, in order to embrace the UPgrade that you are experiencing. Surrender brings flow into your life!

Your fifth card is your Soul Meditation card.  It is a powerful tool to partner with your subconscious mind during this process.

BONUS 1: A guided meditation to help you tap into the messages you are receiving and bring peace.

Bonus 2: A worksheet with jounaling questions to help you record your messages and pick apart how your feel, what to do and how to implement what you are learning about yourself.


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