Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading

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The Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading is an overview of where you are at, where you are going and how you are getting there. This snapshot reading will bring clarity, support and direction to your now. YOU CAN DIRECT THIS TO AN AREA OF YOUR LIFE OR IN GENERAL.

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What is in your Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading…

  • Card 1: Where you are right now energetically.
  • Card 2: Where are you headed energetically?
  • Card 3: What is the energy assisting you in growing from card 1 to card 2?
  • Card 4: A Prayer Card
  • Card 5: A Soul Meditation Card
  • A recording of your cards interpretation.
  • A picture of all your cards


Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading

Need some clarity?  How about a little support from the YOUniverse?  Maybe you are looking for some confirmation on your ascension path? You can direct this reading to an area of your life such as money, love, career, home, etc…

This reading is perfect when you need a snapshot of where you are, where you are going and how the your Higher Self is trying to get you there! Let the Tarot paint a picture for you.

Each Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading comes to you via email (1 week after we firm up your goal).  You receive a picture of your cards and a link to your audio reading (download and listen to over and over) explaining your cards in depth. 

Card 1: Shows you where you are at the moment. This is an energetic overview of where you are in your Soul’s evolution. 

Card 2: Shows you where you are going.  This is all about the transformation of self that is happening based on your now moment.

Card 3: This is your supporting energy moving you towards card 2. I talk about what is energetically overshadowing you helping you transform into your highest ascension vibration.

Card 4: Is your prayer card.  This is a prayer to pray in order to assist you at this time of spiritual growth.

Card 5: Is your soul meditation card.  This is a card designed to help you work with your subconscious to understand the feelings you have about this change.  This helps you go deep into your ascension process and partner with Higher Self for lasting vibrational upgrades.

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4 reviews for Energetic Snapshot Tarot Reading

  1. Rya Thomas (verified owner)

    This is an excellent Tarot reading that has been very helpful to me in navigating a big transformation in my life! It may seep like a quick snippet of information at first, but there are many layers of insight to be gained by returning to the cards more than once. I was very pleased to see how over the next week or two, the guidance continued to be pertinent and valuable.
    I would definitely order this Tarot reading again!

  2. Lyndsay (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed April’s readings for the collective for a while now and was excited to get my own for her when she ran a special on this. What she pulled and read for me blew me away. One of the major player cards is one I’ve pulled for myself recently too – really drove that one home. And as much as it felt it applied when I first listened to the reading in whole, the second time it felt even MORE accurate and now it’s just in my consciousness as part of what I’m working through – as new things emerge it resonates even more deeply! I’m thoroughly impressed! I can read my own cards and look into their meanings and get a good picture of things, sure. I often do. But what comes through in April’s readings is so intuitively specific and seems to be on a quantum level pretty clearly too! I went ahead and ordered a much higher priced, more detailed reading about another theme in my life right now and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival because I’m certain it’s going to be so enlightening and helpful, in so many ways!

  3. Asia (verified owner)

    this was my 3rd Tarot reading from April.. and they just keep getting better! April consistently amazes me with her intuition and ability to help me focus on what’s happening in my life through a lens of love and compassion. Just a couple of days before I asked for this snapshot tarot reading I had started a kundalini yoga practice and April was able to pick up on that and offer great insight on where I’m headed. Ever since I’ve connected with April my life has only gotten better in so many ways- my relationships have improved, my financial situation is more squared away, and I feel like I’m living more in authenticity. April helps me remember to stay grounded and that has exponentially increased my ability to navigate these crazy times. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 👍🏼

  4. Sin (verified owner)

    This is the second reading I have had from April and both have served me so well during times of significant change and uncertainty. April is the real deal, kind, caring, compassionate yet wise and honest at the same time. I also appreciate the space she holds for you and also allows you to have around a reading. I’ll definitely be a return customer – and I am picky about energy and who I will select for guidance! Thank you April!

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