9/9 Portal Personal Tarot Ascension Message


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Receive your 9/9 Portal Personal Tarot Ascension Message for 2019…

Let’s ascend
Whether you have been wanting to work personally with me or we have been guided together, I think you will find this reading refreshing along your ascension path!
Let’s play together. I am retiring a deck and you will have a piece of it as you walk through the energy downloads on the 9/9 ascension portal.
This next portal is all about your deeply personal self expression. You can expect some really big energies to bring you up close and personal with your divine self within the higher realms, far from 3D thinking. Why not get a little ascension message to take with you on your ascension journey?

Here’s how it works:
I will shuffle the deck once. All who are meant to participate will be intentionally placed within the shuffle. Cards are drawn in the sequence the orders are received. (For instance, If you are first to order, you will be the first card drawn.) After the draw,I meditate on you Tarot card with my guides. Next, I write you a hand written note inside a card chosen to go with your message.
Finally, your card is mailed to you on the 1st of September to arrive in time for the portal.

Your message is as unique as you are.
This is a fabulous way for us to play with the YOUniverse!
Receiving a hand written note by post is a precious energetic signature for you. You will have you Tarot card to keep with you or on your altar as you make your way into the 9/9 ascension portal. Your Tarot card stands as reminder as you assimilate the light codes you have received during the portal activation.

I look forward to sending you your message from the YOUniverse. Get 5D… Raise your vibration…

9/9 Portal Personal Tarot Ascension Message


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