5/5 Portal Reading: Embodied Authenticity

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5/5 Portal Reading: Embodied Authenticity
This spread shows you how you are emerging authentically after this time of intense energetic change. Reading must be purchased by April 26 to reach you by the 5th, but all orders will continue to be processed throughout May. Feel supported, get clarity and be encouraged on your spiritual path!

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Included in your reading:

1. What is rising within me now?

2. What is my power that  brings authenticity?

3. My Spirit Guide Encouragement

4. What should I surrender?

 5. My Soul Meditation Card

BONUS!  A personal enlightenment card emailed to you later in May.


5/5 Portal Reading: Embodied Authenticity

May brings the 5/5 portal reading with guidance for you as you emerge again into the world.  This cosmic portal solidifies the workings of your UPgraded authenticity that you are learning to embody.  5 is the cosmic number manifestation.  This month you see what has really come into your being after all these past months of hard work!

This reading offers you 5 cards and a bonus card.

Card 1 shows you what energy is rising in you right now.  A Tarot card that represents how you are currently emerging on your spiritual path.

Card 2  illuminates what energy within your authentic self will you be really anchoring in your body…

Card 3 offers you the encouragement of your Spirit Guides.  This is your special message form your guides for you as you walk your ascension out this month.

Card 4 tells you where you need to surrender.  Too often we try to control with force in our lives and bring chaos.  Knowing where to surrender brings peace and allows the YOUniverse to assist you with fresh energy.

Card 5 is your personal soul meditation card. This card continues to speak to you throughout the month unearthing messages hidden deep in your subconscious.

THE BIG BONUS! Get a card emailed from me later in the month to bring a fresh message that enlightens your consciousness in a fresh way.  Nothing like bright light to raise your vibration! 

With the 5/5 Portal Reading, Embodied Authenticity I hope to encourage you as you emerge this month equipped to really shine!

1 review for 5/5 Portal Reading: Embodied Authenticity

  1. Saba (verified owner)

    I was blown away by this reading! Everything she said made sense and it answered all of the questions without me asking. It was detailed and gave me so much clarity with all the energies i have been feeling this month. I also loved the personal mantra for empowerment! Thank you!

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