Move towards who you are, instead of away from who you are not…

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It is better to move towards than away. Let me explain…

….wherever you find yourself it’s all about perspective.  Say you find yourself looking at your life and you see something that isn’t vibrating at the rate you want to be. To correct this you dive into negative self-talk about this and see the behavior/vibration as something wrong, so you decide to push against this vibration.

What we resist will persist.

This is because resistance is about perceiving lack (stemming from duality/judgment).  As soon as we see something as lack and focus on it, the lack becomes bigger.  The vibration becomes stronger. 

You actually start attracting that lack into your life!

You attract that which you put out
addicted to doughnuts? Law of attraction

Let’s say you decide that you have a doughnut habit that is causing you to crash emotionally from the sugar, be unable to maintain the vibe you want on your ascension path and making you gain weight.  If you decide to be against doughnuts and you place your energy into resisting doughnuts, suddenly your craving for them will get bigger and bigger.  You start thinking about them more.  You start seeing doughnuts everywhere until you crash.

It’s all about moving towards your ascended vibration.

Years ago I was a chronic pot smoker.  I used to love it, but it eventually became something that I knew wasn’t helping me ascend (totally a personal thing, FYI).  I would try to quit.  Over and over I came back until I began moving in a new and exciting direction.

I didn’t try to quit.  I simply became enamored with spiritual study.  I started getting so high off what I as learning and the ecstatic experiences I had in prayer and meditation until…

One day I realized that my cravings were gone.  I had moved towards my higher self and recalibrated my vibration! I was free!!!

This next few weeks embrace the Devil card in the Tarot and the glorious light that he offers; after all, the bible calls him the Angel of Light. He is showing you what you are READY to let go of.

Now dive into the synergy of the Lovers card in the Tarot and fall deeply and madly in love with your Higher Self. 

It can be a little scary and uncertain to love yourself so much, but don’t miss this energetic opportunity.

Meditation Idea

Allow yourself to breathe into the areas of yourself whose vibration you are leaving.  Identify that vibration. As you breathe out, see yourself hurtling towards your higher vibration.  Remember, You must acknowledge where you are first, honor yourself, and then move towards Higher Self by BEING HIgher Self.

Journal Prompt

Write a descriptive paragraph about what the vibratory world of your next ascension point looks and feels like. This can be fantastic as you like!  Remember this is 5D and up. Take a walk on a crystalline beach as you gaze at 3 moons feeling incredible peace?  You decide.

Ritual Nudge

Create a ritual to honor your current self and all of the work you have done to get to this point. At the end of the ritual step over a threshold and into the new you.  Greet yourself enthusiastically and tell yourself how much you want to get to know each other.

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