You are special

  • april 

You are special, so for all our sakes show up as yourself!

You know how when you get quiet you just KNOW you are made for more?  Well you are!  That is because you are special. Truly unique.

The truth is that if you can spend some time every day in that place of believing you are special you can grow in the confidence that you really are. But this requires that you slow down long enough to listen to your inner voice.  The good news is with just 2, five minute personal sessions you can grow in your capacity to love yourself. Here are some sure fire tips to help you connect, grow and shine your best:

Start by finding a comfortable spot free from distractions such as bleeping cell phones, incessant “Mommy?” pleas or loud music.  You can do this.  It’s just 5 minutes.  Get comfortable.  You don’t need to sit up like a yogi, but make sure that you can breathe deeply.


You can do this  It's just 5 minutes!


Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to follow your breath inside you.  Relax. Begin by just recalling a few things about you that make you happy. Once you feel gratitude you are ready to…


Say aloud, “I am special.” Do this a few times stopping to note the self talk you notice. If it’s negative, don’t wrestle with it, just move forward and repeat again, “I am special.” Now smile at yourself  Really smile at yourself as you would a friend you haven’t seen in forever and say, “I am special” with love. Remember that negative thoughts melt when we don’t grab onto them. Just keep turning your focus towards love.  Keep smiling at yourself and repeating.  When you find yourself at a place of feeling kind towards yourself move to step…


Feel that spark of self love.  It may be small in the beginning.  See it within yourself like a flickering light. Let the light fill you.  When you feel full take a few full deep breaths and open your eyes.  I guarantee you are glowing just a little brighter than before.

 Practice makes brighter…

Remember that you are starting in the right place; where you are at. Incidentally, that is the only option for you.   You can’t start where she is, or I am or your favorite guru. The Universe is genius this way.  Spirit already has a relationship with those people.  So don’t be surprised when only fantastic, beautiful you is the being the One who gives breath to all things is interested in engaging with.

Source will meet you right where you are. Every time you press into this exercise you get stronger and brighter.  The world needs you to be you.  It’s time to get happy about who you are.  It’s time to be fully alive.

Notes on negative self talk…

We all do it. Well, maybe not the Dali Lama, but I do.  I do these exercises and negative self talk pops up.  This is just a story.  It’s a story my ego (or projected self idea) reads me to keep me where I’m at. Never forget how powerful you are.  You are the one writing your story. You get to edit and change at will by engaging your incredible heart and mind. Sometimes when I hear a really negative story I just acknowledge my ego and thank it for reminding me of my power.  I can then look for how this story is showing up in my life and start changing my language.  Change your adjectives.  If you are really struggling with this exercise I encourage you to choose one or two of these from the list below and repeat it like a mantra in between  “I am special.” Or reflect on what the opposite of that story is and plug it in  for example: “I am so ugly!” becomes the mantra beautiful. You can do it because you are special!


You really are so special!

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