Clearing Energy out of your Tarot and Oracle Cards

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Tarot oracle card energy clearing

You want to get in the habit of clearing the energies out of your Tarot cards. Tarot decks can get clogged or clouded with energies from the people you read for or your own readings and sometimes need cleansing.

Do you feel like your Tarot cards are giving you answers that are way off? If you are sure that you are focused when asking your question, it may be time to cleanse your deck. Here are just a few ways that I clear the energies in my Tarot and Oracle decks:

Here are just a few ways that I clear the energies in my decks:

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I set my decks out in a window sill during the full moon or in the period from full moon to new moon.  As the moon wanes (gets smaller) the energies in our life are cleared out.  Just as the tides of the sea go in and out by the power of the moon, we can allow the moon to take away old energies form our Tarot and oracle decks.

Crystal power:

I like  keeping a double pointed clear quartz in with my decks that I hold in bags.  The quartz crystal energies/entities are so kind as to pull out old energies while I am not working with my cards. I then clear my crystals by placing them outside on a patch of Earth to ground out old energies. You can use black tourmaline, smoky quartz or any stone that feels right to you energetically.

The Backwards Spin:

You can place your oracle cards on the table in a stack and then turn the cards in a counter clockwise motion in order to fan the energies out of you cards.  This is great if you are reading at a party and feel like you need to cleanse energies between Tarot readings quickly.

Prayer and Incantation:

Saying a prayer over your cards or writing an incantation to speak over your cards  is a way of speaking to the energies in the cards and channeling your own power with the help of your guides/Spirit to remove old energies form your Tarot cards.

Heart Chakra Power:

This is the method I use the most. I breathe in through the top of my head to my heart and out my heart through the bottom of my feet.  I then draw my breath up from the Earth through the bottom of my feet to my heart and exhale out the top of my head. I hold my Tarot cards close to my heart and concentrate on this breath process allowing the energy from above to flow down through my heart and cards to the Earth to be cleansed and back up.  I do this until I feel ready.

These are just a few suggestions for cleaning the energy out of your Tarot cards.  Maybe you have another way you do this?  Comment below and share with everyone your techniques.

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