learn to read Tarot Reversals

Tarot Reversals : The Internal Method

Reading Tarot reversals with the internal method...If you have already tried the previous 2 methods for reading Tarot reversals ( The Significance Method and the Warning Method) then you are definitely ready ...
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Learn to read Tarot Reversa;s

Tarot Reversals : The Warning Method

Tarot Reversals : The Warning Method If you have already learned the Significance Method and are ready to move to a different take on reversals you may wish to try the Warning ...
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Learn to read Tarot reversals quickly

The Easiest way to Read Tarot Reversals

The easiest way to read Tarot reversals is the Significance Method. When you first start reading the Tarot you may be very overwhelmed with getting to know all 78 cards, let alone what ...
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What does the Wheel of Fortune mean

The Wheel of Fortune in a Relationship Reading

The Wheel of Fortune in a relationship reading is a powerful reminder of the natural propensity of all energies in life to ebb and flow. The Four Stages of Relationship Dynamic on ...
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Move towards who you are, instead of away from who you are not…

It is better to move towards than away. Let me explain…….wherever you find yourself it’s all about perspective.  Say you find yourself looking at your life and you see something that isn’t ...
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Tarot oracle card energy clearing

Clearing Energy out of your Tarot and Oracle Cards

You want to get in the habit of clearing the energies out of your Tarot cards. Tarot decks can get clogged or clouded with energies from the people you read for or ...
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Tarot Lover Meaning ascension

Synergy Brings the Ascension Energy with the Lovers and the Devil

Welcome to the deliciousness of synergy!   The richness of the Lovers card in the Tarot and the invitation of the Devil card to freedom await...Synergy is defined as: The interaction or cooperation ...
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3 of cups Tarot

The Joy Disciplines: 3 of Cups

3 of Cups illuminates joy as a discipline on your ascension path Recently our daughter called after her first semester in law school to state she had gotten two A’s….but was waiting ...
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How to harvest your life!

Don't forget to get what's yours. Do you ever feel like you are working so hard and have nothing to show for it?  Maybe you thought your return would be a lot ...
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You are special

You know how when you get quiet you just KNOW you are made for more? Well you are! That is because you are special. Truly unique. The truth is that if you ...
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