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About April Haapala

Welcome ascending Light Worker!

Hello Bight Light! I’m April Haapala, the Energy Oracle. I give clairvoyant readings that utilize Tarot, with my guides and ancestors along with shamanic journeying. I interpret how you can partner with the energies in your life to empower you, inspire you and bring clarity on your ascension path.

My formal training began in 1990 when I lived with Native American shamans for a year on a reservation in California. I am certified in Soul Guidance and Soul Mentoring by Alana Fairchild and have an advanced certification in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). I began working with Tarot in 1994. I was a teacher for 8 years where I studied communication and learning styles.  Currently, I live on an organic farm, close to the land in connection with Spirit.

My life as an intuitive started as a young child in a progressive household.  My approach is to listen to your soul and your guides to help you navigate your personal journey to feel empowered and strengthened.

Check out my page of videos to discover trainings on Tarot and your ascension disciplines.

Let’s work together to bring the clarity you are searching for.

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Customer Reviews

Tiffany Ivonne, United States

“I set the intention to receive help from the Universe and that’s when I got connected with April. I really needed guidance after going through a very traumatic experience in my life. I felt depressed and like I really needed direction. April’s reading provided me with the clarity and messages that I needed. As I was listening to my reading tears came down. The messages were extremely accurate and I felt so much love and compassion coming from April. Thank you so much for your work as well as your light. I’ll definitely be getting more readings in the future.” 

              –Tiffany Ivonne

Janine, Germany

Great and shining heart, Thank you deeply for this reading. I received the energy and it’s exactly what supports me a lot now. Whilst I found myself in front of a big cross in life, I got in touch with you. The possibility to receive a reading felt so right. And so I did. Your reading helped me to see things clear. See clear where I am now, circumstances, potential, hopes and fears. For me it was perfect to discover my „blind spot“ and work on that now. You gave me a lot to go on and through this process. And most important to me: I feel save with you. I feel your intention is light and to serve your best. Self centered and seeing clear. Offering your talents that you are gifted with. Light. So whoever cross the path of this clear empowering and lightful soul: getting a reading from her is always a pretty good idea. She can help you to understand your current state and your possibilities. And also to work on your currently inner battle. Such a big support. And such a big amount of healing and evolving potential that she offers. We just need to receive and than we can work with it afterwards. Thank you thank you thank you! May your way is full of blessings.

Tess Bergin, United States

April has helped me on numerous occasions where I have been in crisis in my life. Not only are her healing sessions powerful and effective, but she has provided me with tools and suggestions I can use on my own to advance on my own spiritual path and continue to heal. I am deeply grateful for her guidance in my life.

Jenifer, United States

My oracle reading was really intriguing and accurate. The cards I received were the Lord Emperor and my love interest the King of Wands. Both of these energies match who we are greatly. She picked up on outside factors influencing our partnership and that Tower moments that occurred that have influenced us. I was greatly impressed and look forward to another reading soon.

Should we work together?

If you are ready to be honest with yourself and get on with taking your power and utilizing it, we are a good fit.  I shoot straight with compassion.

My goal is to see you shining brightly, empowered with a fresh perspective of hope and joy for your life and the situations you now face!

Reach your goals with help. You can be your best self!